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Wheel balancing in St Albans – AL1

Apsley tyres garage is a fully equipped service centre for all your tyre needs. We understand the specific requirements of every make and model. Therefore, we offer highly specific and expert service to our customers, no matter what car or tyres they own. Tyre services, at Apsley tyres garage, are quick, convenient and competitive. Moreover, we are well-known for our wheel balancing in St Albans. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today! 

Tyres are always on the road, forming a link between vehicle and the road. Therefore, they are susceptible to damage and malfunctioning. So, we advise you to never overlook a tyre problem, because it may prove to be dangerous in the long run. Bring your car at Apsley garage and leave the rest to us! 

Why do wheels go out of balance? 

As the name says, wheels go out of balance when one part is heavier than the others. There are various reasons for wheel imbalance. First and the foremost, you may come across road irregularities including bumps, potholes or sharp objects quite often. As a result, steel tyre belts may break or wheels can get imbalanced. Secondly, driving at high speeds, weather fluctuations, and deflation are also some of the main causes of wheel imbalance. 

You can definitely minimise the risk of imbalance by taking precautions. However, you can never completely eliminate it. So, we suggest you drive to us for a checkup if you observe the following signs.

Signs of wheel imbalance 

  • Do you feel vibrations throughout the vehicle, especially at higher speeds? These vibrations are usually in the steering wheel, car seat or floor. New cars, especially, are more sensitive to wheel imbalance, as they are made with ultra-sensitive suspension and wheels. Moreover, these vibrations lead to buzzing or humming noise that gets louder at higher speeds. 
  • If your tyres show unusual tyre wear along the inner and outer edge of tyres, then this may be imbalance. Normal tyre wear is across the tread, so you will know if it is usual or unusual!  
  • Unbalanced tyres put a lot of stress on the engine, so engine has to work harder as a result of the resistance created by imbalance.  Thus, engine requires more fuel than usual to perform its function. This leads to lower fuel economy. 

Contact us for wheel balancing in St Albans 

Apsley Tyres and Waterend Tyres & MOT are the professionals you need to ensure that your vehicle is performing exceptionally. We will ensure your tyres make appropriate contact with the road, increasing MPG and reducing tyre wear in the process. Also, we stock a wide range of tyres from the top brands, in case you are looking for replacement. 

Visit our website to learn more about us. Checkout the service and contact details. Give us a call at 01442 412 323  if you are interested in our services or request a call back. Also, you may send in a query. We make sure to respond back promptly. And drop by our garage if you want your car back on the road, better and quicker!