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Wheel alignment service in Apsley

Wheel alignment affects everything related to wheels, fuel efficiency, and tyres. However, drivers usually overlook the importance of wheel alignment, but it should not be ignored. Have you ever felt your car pulling to one side? Does your steering vibrate even if you drive on smooth road? This indicates misalignment that may leave you stranded on the road. Therefore, get the best wheel alignment service in Apsley at Apsley tyres & Waterend tyres & MOT garage.

What causes wheel misalignment?

  • A sudden heavy exposure to a pot hole or curb
  • Jarring caused by a road accident
  • Suspension parts can also wear out with the passage of time, leading to misalignment
  • Lack of regular service and maintenance turns a petty car issue into a big one
  • Maladjustment of the height of wheels and suspension

What are the symptoms that your car needs wheel alignment?

  • You may find it difficult to handle the car if wheels are misaligned. In addition to this, your car will drift to one side.
  • Wheel misalignment largely affects the functioning of steering wheel. Hence, the steering wheel would not return easily after a turn.
  • Another early sign of misalignment is vibrating steering wheel. This can be quite irritating while you are driving.
  • One of the most obvious signs of misalignment is that the tyres squeal and produce noise.
  • Abnormal and uneven tyre wear that may lead to a blowout

Get in touch with us if you find any of the above signs. Only an expert can track and rule out the cause. So, do not endanger your life and make a better choice today!

Wheel alignment at Apsley tyres & Waterend tyres & MOT garage:

At our garage, we adjust vehicle’s suspension to alter the angles of tyres. Moreover, we make adjustments so that your tyres make appropriate contact with the road, increasing MPG and reducing tyre wear in the process. Our years of experience in motoring industry speaks of our expertise.

Visit our website to know more about us. Checkout the service and contact details on the website. You may give us a call at 01442 412 323 or 01442 267 000  if you have any query or request a call back. Drop by our garage to get an affordable wheel alignment service in Apsley. Here are the professionals you need to ensure that your vehicle is performing exceptionally!