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What may go wrong with tyres?

Tyres are what your car depends on. So, healthy tyres go a long way whereas failing may ruin your journey effortlessly. They bear the weight of your vehicle and harsh road conditions becoming prone to wear and tear. Therefore, you might have wondered, many a time, what may go wrong with tyres? However, a set of durable tyres, a right choice, preventive measures and servicing from the best professionals rule out the problem. Get all this at Apsley tyres & waterend Tyres & MOT. No one can beat us at price and quality!

Some common tyre problems to hit your nerves:

  • Tears, cracks, and punctures:

Poor tyres face all the damage on bumpy roads. Hence, such conditions and sharp objects like glass or metals may cause tyre tears, cracks and punctures. The solution is: professional help at garage, repair or tyre replacement in case of more serious damage.

  • Over-inflation and under-inflation:

Maintaining your tyres’ pressure is a very important factor for a safe drive. Over-inflated tyres can burst anywhere while driving. Under-inflation causes wear and tear and reduced grip on road. If you are not sure of the appropriate tyre pressure for your vehicle, drop by our garage for assistance.

  • Misalignment:

If your tyre is worn more on one side than the other, it is probably misaligned. Misalignment leads to a blowout, bad performance and high gas mileage. Misalignment should be corrected as soon as possible so do not delay your visit to us!

  • Over-heating:

Over-inflation, high speed and over-loading are the main causes of over-heating of tyres leading to tyre bursting. Observe the speed limits and avoid putting too much burden on your wheels if you want a long life of your tyres!

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