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Brakes Service in Chesham – HP5

Are you looking for reliable  brakes service in Chesham? Do you want to enjoy a smooth driving experience? Or are your brakes bothering you? You are at the right place! At Apsley tyres garage, we provide brakes service in Chesham at highly competitive rates. SO, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today! 

Of all the safety features of your car, brakes are the most important. Therefore, it is important that you keep your brakes in the best possible condition. Similarly, you should always ensure that any new brakes you buy are of the highest quality and fitted correctly. We, at Apsley tyres garage, are available to help you with your braking! 

Brakes service at Apsley tyres garage

Our brake services include brake replacement, brake repairs and brake parts supply. We thoroughly inspect the braking system, and suggest repair or replacement accordingly. Also, we come up with the best possible solution to help you in the long run with your brakes. SO, look no further than Apsley tyres garage for a comprehensive brakes service at your convenience! 

Signs of bad brakes

Squealing or grinding noise is the indicator of something wrong going on with brake pads or lack of lubrication. 

Shaking and vibration in the steering wheel may be the result of an uneven rotor. Over time, there can be certain variations or development of rust that can affect rotor’s functioning. 

Soft brake pedal is a sign of fluid leakage from the master cylinder. This fluid is forced through thin piping as you apply the brakes, causing hydraulic friction. There might not be enough power to force the brake pads to clamp hard on the rotors if fluid is leaking. 

Overheated brakes or clutch can cause a sharp chemical odor. Moreover, you might have to deal with brake failure if you don’t pull over immediately in a safe place, in case of overheating. 

The problem of cars pulling to one side can be triggered by a poor brake hose or by a problem with the caliper. During braking, one brake caliper can apply more or all the pressure, resulting in an unbalanced stop.

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Over time, brake components wear out. So, you can be at an unnecessary risk if you have delayed brake servicing. 

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