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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning service, or Aircon Regas, should be performed every 2 years. Replacing the gas in your AC takes about 45 minutes. However, there are various other services besides basic gas replacement. We check for any leaks in the system to make sure you don’t encounter any problems again. Our team of experts checks the… Continue Reading »


In a car diagnostic test, specialists use specialized tools to run a test on the digital workings of the car with the help of specialized tools. Professionals perform this test if the car gives a “check engine" signal. However, we recommend you have these run regularly for maintenance. Car diagnostic tools read the data reports… Continue Reading »


Servicing becomes mandatory on any car after it has run a fixed number of miles. Usually, your car’s manufacturer will specify this limit. We provide car servicing for all makes and models, by experienced professionals, at our specialized Waterend Outlet. During servicing at Apsley Tyres and Waterend Tyres, we check your brakes, suspension, lights, and steering… Continue Reading »

Suspension Repairs

mechanic in garage

Your vehicle’s suspension doesn’t only ensure your ride is a comfy one, it also helps to maintain the health of your vehicle. Good driving habits can extend the life of your suspension system, but sooner or later it may give way. When it does, you’ll need a car suspension repair service you can rely on… Continue Reading »

Brake Repairs

Brake repairs

Of all the safety features on your vehicle, without a doubt the most important is its brakes. It is absolutely essential, therefore, that you keep your brakes in the best possible condition. Likewise, you should always ensure that any new brakes you purchase are of the utmost quality and correctly installed, too. Fortunately, Apsley Tyres… Continue Reading »


MOT testing in progress

If there has ever been a fundamental component of vehicle care, it has been the MOT. MOTs are an annual test carried out on your vehicle to ensure that it’s safe and fit for use on the road. To carry out this test, Apsley Tyres and Waterend Tyres & MOT are able to offer a… Continue Reading »

Wheel Alignment

wheel alignment tools on wheel

Have you found your car is pulling to one side? Or does your steering wheel vibrate, even on the smoothest of roads? If so, your wheels may not be aligned properly, causing undue strain to your tyres and putting you and other road users at risk. Apsley Tyres and Waterend Tyres & MOT are the… Continue Reading »

Tyre Fitting

If you’re in need of an expert tyre fitting service in the Hemel Hempstead or Berkhamsted areas, look no further than Apsley Tyres and Waterend Tyres & MOT. Our friendly, specialist team are fully qualified to fit tyres on your vehicle, regardless of the manufacturer or the tyres required. Whether you need 4 x 4,… Continue Reading »